Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review for Mephisto Covenant :)

LOOOOOVE! Trinity writes an amazing book with so much to offer and so different from paranormal YA today! She took hell to a whole new level and I just about died of happiness :)

I will start with Sasha. She is amazing and you can relate to her so easy its kinda freaky! I loved her from page one and there was no changing that way after I got reading sometimes I was freaked out but I loved it all. She is so crazy but reserved at the same time and I felt for her through the whole book. She loved with everything in her for the people she cared about but they kept betraying her, kept letting her down in a way that just stings and you cant help but love her. She is also so strong and has no hate towards people unless they are evil and in this book you meet some horrible people. Add in sexy as hell (literally) Jax , god he makes my heart flutter and she has no idea what to feel for him he is a son of hell but she cannot help but feel a pull towards him and him to her.

Jax god i loved him from when he first stepped in. He is one amazing character. DFor a being a son from hell he feels an awful lot for Sasha and he doesn't realize he can truly love her like no other. And through the book it seeps through the pages that he does love her but he doesn't know what love is until it slaps him in his face and he makes the biggest sacrifice.

Trinity makes this book amazing and you never know who will turn to the evil side, she had nail biting suspense until the end and it was all worth it. It was just plain amazing and I am looking forward to see what brothers next to take the fall for their redemption but also find love they never thought they could know or have!

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  1. I just finished this book last night and I completely agree!! LOVED it!! However my biggest concern is how the series will continue... I have no doubt that they will be great but worried about a possible repetitive attitude from the girls or the guys. This book however is amazing from start to finish and I love how much you got to know the characters!!
    Great review look forward to more!!