Monday, October 10, 2011

Review for Clockwork Prince. Do not read since it will have SPOILERS!!!

This book blew my mind! I got through it in hours. Totally mind blowing and addictive. Everything about this book is amazing and there was definitely no slow spots that't for sure and the views from the others just made me even more exited. I love Tessa don't get me wrong but I was so excited to have Will's and Charlotte's I almost died!

I will start with Tessa, what a hot mess! She is an amazing character and is SO real it is kinda freaky, you feel with her all through the book but you also feel like you want to slap her sometimes too! She is so vulnerable from everything that happened with her brother and coming here to London from NY she has no idea what's shes in for is it falling in love with two boys in two different ways that breaks her heart? , or running from a shadow she has no idea where or when he will come for her and no idea what he wants from her and what is she really?! She is a strong willed character and makes you fall in love from page one of book one. But everything is only going to get more confused about her feelings before they get better, we can tell obviously but it is hard since it is our point of view reading and her thinking.

Add in Jem sweet smart and always nice Jem. He is in love with Tessa and she has no idea until later. He would do anything for her and his brother Will. He is also blind for Will's love for Tessa as well and doesn't notice anything at all. Jem is definitely a favorite character for me, you fall in love immediately because you feel bad he is dying. And the way Tessa and Will describe his love for music is amazing. Jem in the end is getting stronger is it his love for Tessa and Will he ever know Will feels the same way about Tessa?!

Now add in Will. God sexy as hell bad boy wild child Will who has FINALLY let us in his head a little and boy has he surprised me! I had no idea why he would push everyone away and what stick is up his butt until he goes to Magnus. I wanted to curl up and die at the thought he was cursed, and such a horrible one to boot. You find out why he is the way he is and the way he wishes he could be. Like open to everyone around him and to not push him away, go back to his family and apologize. But Will still has some HUGE obstacles to overcome and that is getting Tessa's forgiveness before it is too late does he get there in time or not?! I loved Will from the beginning and Jem and I could tell the differences and the similarities in their characters and they are so real it hurts, they both are in love with Tessa but who will get there first (not that its a race)?! Will one be too late before the other swoops in?!

Cassandra writes amazing books. Her books are what books are supposed to be like. They are addicting, have the twists and turns to frustrate you and in the end wanting more more more. It is like a drug to read her books and know there is going to be a cliff hanger but not the size of it until you devour the book and then find out HOLY COW! , She just made this 100x better when is the next book coming and I give her props!!!

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