Wednesday, September 21, 2016

H.A.L.F.: The Makers by Natalie Wright Blog Tour

“What fiction most influenced your childhood, and what effect did those stories have on The Makers?”

When asked this questions, most writers recount a childhood love affair with books.

I’m going to share a secret with you. As a child, I didn’t read many books.

It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy stories. I loved stories and wanted to be a writer for as long as I remember.

It was more that at that time, there weren’t a lot of books available for girls such as myself that preferred my brother’s comic books to Nancy Drew. I was obsessed with Star Trek, Superman and the Twilight Zone, not Judy Blume. Yes, I was a geekly little nerd long before it was even remotely considered cool!

The only book from my childhood that I remember loving was A Wrinkle in Time. I read it again and again. Here was a story immersed in the kind of sci-fi, Twilight Zone world I couldn’t get enough of. These early stories, whether in television show, comic book or book form, had a huge impact on the kind of writer that I would become. My stories draw heavily on fantasy worlds and paranormal elements.

The Makers is the most “me” book that I’ve written yet. Like A Wrinkle in Time, the story may be inspired by speculation about science, but the true heart of the story is the exploration of relationships through the characters. Writing The Makers was like living in a playhouse for several months! I got to spend time on alien planets and imaginatively dream about what could happen if an alien species was on its way to our planet. The Makers combines fantastical places with my love of paranormal powers then I put my characters in this world and let them play!

If you also enjoy character-driven stories set amidst a paranormal backdrop, you may enjoy H.A.L.F. series.

Description : Roswell. Area 51. The X-Files.

You've seen the aliens known as "the Greys" in movies and on T.V. But what if everything you think you know about them is wrong?

And what if the Greys are only the beginning?

On a nondescript planet on the far side of the galaxy, the M'Uktah have evolved from a wolf-like predatory creature into a highly advanced species that has mastered intergalactic travel. They are cultured. Refined.

And hungry...

This was a book i was sceptical about. I haven't ever read anything about aliens. EVER. So I got a chance to review this so I started the first devoured in hours and then worked on this baby.

I am in love with these characters! At times I want to strangle them all but it was love at first book! Natalie creates a world that just drags you in and you don't want to leave. I wanted to be taken up on this spaceship, kicking ass and taking names. Tex is by far my favorite. He breaks my heart a little with his background but man he is amazing. 

I don't know how to write this review without spoiling it for everyone. Just know it is amazing, and you won't be disappointed, At all. <3 div="">

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